Crisis, Book II -

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For Jacob Stowell, things couldn’t get any stranger. His whole life had been turned upside down and inside out. All he had ever known or believed was being tested. His former life as a successful architect, husband, and father now

seemed like a distant dream as he and Strang were being relentlessly hunted by assassins. As they hunkered down in a safe house they worked diligently to unravel the decoded notes of the late Jeremy Richards. With the help of investigational journalists Shayne Wylder and the young but tenacious Billy O’laughlin, Richard’s notes begin to reveal a staggering list of international financiers, politicians, central bankers, media moguls and industrialists all somehow intertwined in the construction of a shadowy framework raising more questions than answers.


Back in Orlando, God continues His revival, spreading well beyond the ground zero of Pastor Alan Caldwell’s small community church. Hundreds of thousands are being reached in Central Florida and potentially millions more worldwide as reports continue to come in of further revival outbreaks in China, Mexico and even Iran.


Despite the outpouring of God’s love the world appears to be plunging deeper and deeper into Crisis as the global financial market becomes even more unstable, and the Middle East erupts as nation after nation falls by the hands of jihadists seeking a caliphate.


Jacob, Strang, Pastor Alan and the rest of the growing fellowship pray even more diligently as the small nation of Israel becomes more and more isolated in the world, being surrounded by her enemies who are set on her very destruction.


Prepare for a riveting ride at breakneck speed in Crisis, book II of The Veil series.


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