The Veil, Book I -

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Jacob had it all, or so he thought. Having been a successful and internationally recognized architect who enjoyed the finer things in life — the six figure income, the BMW, complete with a wonderful wife and adoring son. But it was all gone now. After three long agonizing years of watching his beloved son battle and ultimately succumb to leukemia, his wife Elaine, stricken with grief and unable to cope abruptly walks away from their marriage. Only months after the loss of his family, and during the financial crisis and great recession, his career ends as his firm closes their doors. Jacob would have ended it all if not for his friend Paul Bevelchek and their Pastor Alan Caldwell giving him their friendship and hope.


Jacob abruptly has an onset of strange dreams and visions. In the midst of this, Pastor Alan sends Jacob to the office of billionaire Jeremy Richards at Jeremy’s request. Upon his arrival all hell breaks loose as Jacob witnesses the murder of  Richards and flees with what might be the key to unlocking not only the reasons for Richard’s murder, but possibly the answers to the ancient prophecies that seem to be unfolding before the eyes of Jake and his friends.


The three friends suddenly find themselves thrown into a high octane, “no holds barred” adventure as assassins hunt for Jacob, and will stop at nothing until they have what he had taken from Richards’s office. As the three friends struggle to survive, they discover the enormity of The Veil’s deception and the all- encompassing spiritual battle involving mankind’s eternal fight for freedom. Will The Veil continue to be used to deceive mankind? Will mankind continue to look to the “creation” for answers, or will we finally turn to the “creator?”


Prepare for an engaging and exciting literary adventure that will keep you on the edge of your seat as Jake and his friends seek answers to the age-old questions between good and evil in the first of this hard hitting Veil series.



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